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Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

Have a question about our products or services? Take a look at our FAQ section below to see if we might have already answered it. If you still need something answered, just get in touch and we’ll help as much as we can.


What is your set up charge?

For a standard left chest or cap sized design, we charge a one time set up charge starting at $45.  If a logo is very complicated and has a lot of detail it could cost more.  The best way to find out is to e-mail your logo to us and we can let you know for sure.

How much do you charge to embroider my logo?

We charge by stitch count.  The more stitches your logo has the longer it takes on the machine to sew it. The best way to know for sure is to e-mail your logo and we can give you an estimate of how many stitches it will be.

What type of file do you need to set up our logo?

Vector art such as an AI or EPS file are always the best. But we can use a good size jpg if it is a good clean image.

How do you match thread colors to my logo?

The best way to match the thread to the colors of your logo, is if you provide us the PMS colors (Pantone Matching System).
If you had a graphic artist create your logo, they should be able to provide you the PMS colors.
PMS is used so that your logo match no matter how you produce it.

What is the maximum size logo you can put on a cap?

We need to keep the height of a cap design 2.25" or smaller.  Unfortunately our equipment won't allow us to sew logos any taller than that.  Normally we try to keep designs 5" wide or less.

Do you do 3D or puff embroidery?

We know that 3D or puff embroidery on a hat in the store looks really cool, it isn't something that we specialize in. We have done some jobs in them past and just aren't happy with the results. So isn't something that we offer.